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When it comes to low-cost housing developments, you would not normally expect to find the high-end amenities that more expensive subdivisions can offer. While it might be true of Ibiza Townhomes to some extent, the developers made sure to offer enough amenities that will enhance the quality of life for its residents. You can therefore ensure that all of the standard and basic amenities are provided for you to enjoy. At the same time, they give more value to your investment as they can promote quality lifestyle and a sense of community.

But before delving into the communal facilities that you can enjoy at this house and lot development, it is important to focus on the unit features first. Upon turnover, you can expect the following features to be included into your unit at Ibiza Townhomes: long span colored roof, steel roof frames, water and plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring and fixtures, steel casement windows, and toilet and bathroom with tiles and fixtures. 

The Ibiza Townhomes community, which is developed by Apec Homes, might be a low-cost housing solution. Nonetheless, it has an exclusive feel to it because the entire subdivision comes with a perimeter wall and entrance gate. The entrance gate also comes with a guard house. This will prevent any unauthorized entry to the subdivision, which therefore ensures that only homeowners and authorized guests will be able to enter the subdivision premises. This security system is in place on a 24-hour basis. Thus, you can ensure that your safety and security is given utmost priority. 

The electrical system for the entire subdivision is also connected to the Meralco power line. Hence, you can expect reliable power source to provide convenience to your day to day living. An underground drainage system is also built within the development site. Hence, you can be assured that the area won’t be flooded even during seasons of heavy rain. As a bonus, the entire subdivision is built with a concrete network of roads, curbs, and gutters. 

A centralized water supply is also available for the residents of Ibiza Townhomes. You can therefore guarantee that you have access to clean and safe water for your home. No need to worry about water interruptions as the subdivision’s own water supply will provide you with your daily water supply needs.

As for the recreational amenities, there are plenty of them to enjoy at Ibiza Townhomes. A clubhouse is available, which can serve as the central amenity area in this community. It can also be used as venue for parties and other special occasions like birthdays and reunions. There is also a full-sized basketball court that is available for those who would like to enjoy recreational activities and sports. For the kids, there is a playground that you can enjoy and bring your kids to. 

With these facilities and amenities, you can enjoy a decent quality home and a peaceful community. You do not need to sacrifice renting a property for the rest of your life, just because you are unable to afford buying your own home. You can now purchase your own property while also staying on your budget.

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  • Pets Allowed
  • Playground
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